There's no doubt that big data growth in recent years has presented endless opportunities for companies wishing to step-up their marketing game and reach customers on a personal level. Yet, although the prospect is there, the challenge is now becoming finding talented marketing professionals capable of wrangling and analyzing the vast amounts of available data.

At Noodle, we believe in providing educational resources that benefit prospective students and professionals. This article seeks to gift readers with information on how to obtain a certificate in marketing analytics. Whether you are already a marketer in need of a refresher on the latest marketing analytics developments, or are just getting started and are trying to determine if you are interested in this field, this article is for you.

Background on Marketing Analytics certification

Traditional marketing tactics rely upon potential customers initiating a search for products or services. The problem with this lead generation strategy is that we often don't know much about them, which can often result in communication that is impersonal and, at times, confusing. It is also very difficult to track results from these interactions and understand why they may or may not have succeeded. Another important part of traditional marketing is the use of generalized market research, which can still be very useful, but has its limitations, such as delayed results or information quickly becoming obsolete.

Big data changed all of this, and revolutionized the way we are able to market to businesses and consumers. Studies show that with the availability of big data, we can look beyond campaign execution and improve customer insight and responsiveness. Data technologies allow marketers to develop more meaningful relationships and improve customer experiences. Results are instant -- companies can see exactly where they lose people and gain insight on how they can improve in the future.

Marketing analytics leverages big data and provides a way to determine whether a company's marketing initiatives are working. It uses the measurement and analysis of marketing performance to determine effectiveness and improve the return on investment. Where traditional marketing operation generates ambiguous leads, marketing analytics can provide insight into specific customer behaviors and needs.

The great new is that there is a growing need for marketing analysts. According to VentureBeat, companies are massively increasing marketing analytics budgets, which means more jobs and a greater need for qualified candidates. If this sounds interesting to you, read on and find out how you can become certified.

Types of certifications for Marketing Analytics professionals

While there are many available methods to assist you in expanding your marketing analytics career, below we focus on marketing analytics certification programs. If you are interested in other opportunities, check out our Ultra Guide: Obtaining a Master's in Marketing Analytics and Obtaining an MBA with a Marketing Analytics Specialization.

One thing to note is while companies have specified minimum and desired qualifications, there is currently no mandated educational requirement for performing marketing analytics functions. Therefore, given the information Noodle makes available to you, it is imperative that you evaluate your personal circumstances and goals to determine which educational path is right for you.

Marketing analytics certification programs for continuing education

Who should consider seeking this marketing analytics certificate? Current marketing professionals and executives that are interested in understanding the new rules of marketing to advance in their career; or professionals who are interested in entering the field of marketing analytics.

What do recipients tend to get from this marketing analytics training? Continuing education is a non-degree professional certificate from a university. With this certificate, you will have the opportunity to expand upon your knowledge regarding marketing strategies and learn how to apply big data to help your business grow. These programs tend to mirror the more traditional university setting and therefore carries more weight with prospective employers.

What is the value of this marketing analytics certificate? People interested in this certificate have most likely already completed higher education and are looking for a refresher for or supplement to their education to strengthen their marketing knowledge. Although this program does not provide a degree, it is far less expensive than a master's program. Upon completion, graduates will have the opportunity to present a certificate of completion to current or potential employers, confirming formal training and knowledge of marketing analytics.

Marketing analytics certification programs to consider:

Online marketing analytics certification courses

Who should consider seeking this marketing analytics certificate? Current or prospective marketing professionals looking for a refresher or introduction to foundations of marketing analytics.

What do recipients tend to get from this marketing analytics training? Participants in this program will get an overview of marketing analytics in a less traditional educational setting. Given that these courses are offered online, participants are typically able to complete the course at their own pace and are not bound by a semester or quarter system.

What is the value of this marketing analytics certificate? These programs are a very cost-effective way to introduce the concepts of marketing analytics. Although they are more casual and do not carry the label of a big-name university, they will still provide invaluable knowledge that you can put into action at your current job, or talk about in an interview. Remember that being self-taught and taking the initiative to expand your knowledge is valuable and still very respected in the tech space.

Online marketing analytics courses to consider:

Professional marketing analytics associations

Who should consider seeking a marketing analytics certificate? Current marketing professionals wishing to expand knowledge in marketing analytics to improve job performance and create efficiencies.

What do recipients tend to get from this marketing analytics training? These courses will focus on helping you reach your business goals by providing strategies and tactics to achieve measurable outcomes. These courses are typically taught by trainers who have worked in the field for a long time, so you can count on gaining a lot of wisdom and advice in addition to the structured coursework.

What is the value of this marketing analytics certificate? The benefit in attending a training seminar with a professional association is that you are affiliating with other marketers. This is a great way to not only learn and expand your marketing knowledge, but also meet new people and expand your professional network. Furthermore, given that these courses are designed for employees currently in the marketing field, it is likely that your company will pay for your tuition and travel expenses.

Professional Association certificates to consider:

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