The state of New York has 130 hospitals, 22 hospice facilities, 565 hospital extension clinics, 40 diagnostic and treatment centers, 49 residential health care facilities, plus various home health care agencies according to statewide health data For professionals wanting to lead others as a healthcare administrator, there are many opportunities. The aspiring healthcare administrator will find that there are also many high quality programs available to New Yorkers seeking to obtain a master’s in healthcare administration.

As you begin your search of MHA programs in New York, it will be important to ensure the program is credentialed by the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education or CAHME. These programs have met measurable criteria that ensures your training will meet standards of excellence for training you in healthcare management, thereby increasing your employability and future success. The CAHME has identified five institutions located within the state of New York that provide both on-campus and online MHA programs. The features of these MHA programs in New York are briefly described as follows.

Clarkson University offers an MBA in Healthcare Administration through the David D. Reh School of Business. Students may enroll for full-time or part-time status. Courses are offered both on-campus and online. Course requirements include 16 hours in healthcare, business, and management plus internships. For adults working full-time, the internship may be waived. Scholarship opportunities are available.

The Department of Health Policy and Management at Columbia University offers three distinct tracks for obtaining an MHA. The full-time program is a highly structured two-year program with courses five days a week, simulated experiences and a curriculum that focuses on health management, public health, and health policy. The part-time program offers the same curriculum, but courses are in the evening over a 28-month interval. The executive program is offered through intensive week-ends and hands-on immersion experiences for professionals with networks and connections for high-level policy or management positions.

Cornell University offers the Sloan Program in Health Administration . This is a two-year program that includes many practical learning opportunities that include internship, colloquium series, practitioner-led intensive courses, mentorship, and capstone experiences. A new program is being offered, the Executive Master’s of Health Administration or EMHA. This eighteen-month program consists of a blend of online and intensive on-campus courses, offering more flexibility for the working professional.

Through the Zicklin School of Business at CUNY Baruch College, an Executive MBA in Healthcare Administration is offered. The student attends evening courses for 30 months and takes a 10-day international tour to obtain a global perspective on healthcare administration.

New York University or NYU offers online and on-campus MHA programs through the Wagner School of Public Policy. The NYU Wagner Health Policy Programis ranked number 1 in health policy education programs by U.S. News and World Reports. The programs are unique in that the emphasis is on both policy and management across the spectrum of human experience that impacts the health and needs of the constituents served by the healthcare administrator. The program emphasizes a global and holistic perspective, leading to better outcomes.

Located in New York City, the students are able to develop their skills through practical experiences offered by hospitals, the department of health, and many healthcare agencies within the metropolis. There are four areas of specialization: Health Finance, Health Policy Analysis, Health Services Management, and International Health. The Health Finance specialization prepares students to organize and interpret financial data to make decisions related to healthcare policy and delivery.

The Health Policy Analysis concentration trains students to evaluate strategies and to improve the efficiency of healthcare services. The Health Services Management specialization offers a range of electives to cultivate skills in areas of program design, communication, and leadership in addition to fundamental finance, policy, and business skills. The International Health program focuses on global issues of health, such as global food security, water sourcing, climate, and humanitarian challenges.

The NYU Wagner Online MHA program provides students with the flexibility of online course work blended with weekly live sessions in which the student interacts with faculty and other students within their cohort from across the nation. The program was designed with the working professional in mind. During the second semester, the student will engage in a two-day immersion project in New York with peers. The immersion experience engages the learner in simulations of real-world challenges and culminates in a team project.

In addition to these MHA programs that are offered by universities within the state, there are online MHA programs in New York that originate from out of state locations. The MHA candidate will want to check for CAHME accreditation when selecting a program. For example, you may want to enroll in an online program offered at Seton Hall in New Jersey or by Penn State University. You might even choose an online program that will give you a network in the area in which you want to work. If, for example, you seek to work on national health policy issues, you may want to explore the opportunities offered through the online programs at Georgetown University or George Washington University. If you are looking at an online MHA that is not listed by CAHME, be sure to check that the university is accredited by an agency that is recognized at a regional or national level.

For New York professionals seeking a future in healthcare administration, there are a number of high quality MHA programs available with options for specialized areas of interest, flexible schedules, and intensive learning experiences. Whether attending a program that is full-time or part-time, the two to four years of preparation hold promise for many career opportunities for the graduate holding an MHA.

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